Top Five Adult ADHD Strategies

If you suspect you have ADHD, chances are you are exhibiting certain behaviors that are getting in your way. To help you figure out your next step, here is a list of the top five Adult ADHD strategies:


Do your homework about the disorder. The best thing you can do is collect information. In this way, you can learn exactly where, when and how ADHD is affecting your life. The key here is to take some time and apply that knowledge to your own behavior and situation. You may even find out that behaviors you didn’t initially associate with ADHD are common to the diagnosis. Once you become aware of them as such, you’ll have a place to start when formulating strategies to deal with them.


Hopefully, you’ve amassed enough information about ADHD that you now understand the traits associated with it. The next step is acceptance. ADHD is about brain wiring, which means the challenges you’re facing are not about laziness or lack of discipline. An apt analogy for someone dealing with ADHD tendencies is the idea of living left handed in a right-handed world. In other words, your brain works in a way that is simply different from the throng. You can either embark on an uphill battle to overcome your natural tendencies or you can accept them and work with them…Read more.

Look at Past Successes:

The truth is that you are your own best resource. While many behaviors are common to people with ADHD, the cause and effect of ADHD tendencies differ by situation. Without even realizing it, you have probably developed strategies that help you deal with your unique situation. If you take the time to stop and analyze the things that helped lead to a success in the past, you can more consciously apply these strategies to future challenges and situations.

Find ways to give yourself Accountability and Structure:

It is a common problem for people with ADHD to have trouble with follow through. It is also common for people with ADHD to use obligations to third parties to keep structure in their lives. Examples of this include getting an accountability partner, arranging to meet a friend at the gym and/or Weight Watchers. The trick here is to brainstorm ways to create accountability and structure in your life. Recognizing that you may have to take conscious action toward building structure in your life is half the battle…Read more.

Think Positively:

Chances are you focus on the word “disorder” when you think about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The truth is that ADHD tendencies result from a difference in brain wiring, which means there are both positive and negative behaviors associated with it. Furthermore, the idea of a behavior being positive or negative depends on perspective and situation. To get you in the right frame of mind, consider some positive traits of people with ADHD:

  • Creative thinkers
  • Problem solvers
  • Imaginative
  • Easy going
  • Empathetic…Read more

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